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The Masonic Hall of Mountmellick

The building which we now know as the Masonic Hall on Church Street was built in 1765 and functioned originally as the first Methodist chapel in the town of Mountmellick. When the Methodist Body moved in 1882 to the Gideon Ousley Memorial Chapel on Market Street (now Parnell Street), the Freemasons of Lodge No.660 took...
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Capard House and the Pigotts

The Pigotts came to Laois as part of the Plantation of Queen’s County in the 1550s. John Pigott was an English captain who accompanied Thomas Radcliffe, Earl of Sussex, into Queen’s County circa 1558. He came from Salop and was connected to the ancient Pigott family established at Chetwynd Edgmont. For his service John Pigott...
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The Cosby Family, Stradbally, Co. Laois

The Cosby family of Stradbally Hall, Co. Laois has resided in the area since the late 16th century, a remarkable continuous association with the surrounding locality. While not unique in Ireland, it is rare that a family has remained with such longevity over the course of almost 500 years, especially considering the economic pressures associated...
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