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Dáil Courts and Cattle Drives

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Episode 3 of Podcast ‘Divided Land’ with Terry Dunne

In this episode we have moved into the summer of 1920, agrarian protest has expanded and Sinn Féin are trying to put a halter on it with a new system of Dáil courts – supplanting London’s authority while doing so. We’ll have a deep dive into two court cases from near Mountrath – one in the Dáil system and one in the old U.K. system. Some of these conflicts have a long history — going back as far as the 1870s and we’ll get to see how the Dáil Courts related to earlier forms of dispute resolution. Finally we end up with Lord De Vesci’s call for “Dominion Home Rule”.

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The podcast is based on new research on the revolutionary era in Laois carried out by Terry Dunne in his role as Laois Historian-in-Residence. Supported by Laois Libraries and funded by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media the Historian-in-Residence project was established to make history more accessible to the public by uncovering hidden stories within communities and connecting local areas with their history.